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The Art of The Cut

Ribbon Cuttings With The Genesee County Chamber

“Have I ever told you my scissor story?” 

This is an opening I’ve heard over 30 times in the past two years.

Tom Turnbull’s famous scissor story- you know, the one about the old pair of wooden scissors that wouldn’t cut? Well, safe to say, our new pair of shiny scissors cut, and they cut well.

“Alright, everyone line up. Ready? 1-2-3”

A smiling face and a flex of the arm. *snip* 

A cheer from the crowd and the shutter of a camera. 

The newly severed ribbon flows down to the ground, and a relieved laugh gushes from the new business owner.

It’s done…

All that stress and angst capped off by the cut of a ribbon and the clip of scissors.

What a celebration.  

Now, what exactly is it about ribbon-cutting ceremonies that make them just so darn enjoyable?

Perhaps the excitement over a new business in our community?

The celebratory food and drink? Oh yeah.

No, no, no its gotta be the feeling you get holding those extremely large pair of scissors.

In my eyes it’s really not any of those things that make these events so special.

What makes them special is the community of people surrounding them.

Friends, family, co-workers, supporters, politicians, they all have their piece of the celebratory pie.

Such a simple event bring smiles and joy to so many. It’s a good feeling.

Lucky for me I have become somewhat of a “professional” in this art form and I get to experience them quite frequently.

Maybe you could say I am just ‘cut out’ for this job, Eh?

Do you have something you want to celebrate? A new business? A new building? How about an addition, or an expansion? A new partnership, a new department?

We want to help! And if you can’t tell by this blog, we know the perfect way!

Contact us at The Chamber and we will help you coordinate your very own Ribbon Cutting Celebration!