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Google and The Chamber?

How membership improves your SEO

Why did you join the Genesee County Chamber?

Was it because you thought you could interact with a lot of local business people?

Was it for the networking events?

The mentorship and support?

All of those benefits are part of a Chamber membership, but the one I am focusing on today may surprise you.

People focus so much on meeting people at Chamber events. I am here to tell you that even if you have never gone to a networking event, your Chamber membership has still put you on the map. 

No, not the printed one your Dad has in his car. Although, we do produce those as well.

I am talking about the ever-evolving map of local businesses listed on SEARCH ENGINES.

“Hey Siri”, “Hey Alexa”, “Hey Google”

Askjeeves? Where my 90s babies at.

And just like we call tissues, “Kleenex”, I am going to call search engines GOOGLE.

There is a hidden ROI in your Chamber membership that comes in the form of Search Engine Optimization. Yes, that fancy smancey thing every tech company in the world is talking about.

What helps dictate your status on Google is quality local links that point to your website. For example, if a local news outlet ran a story with your website linked, this would do wonders for your listing.

Here at the Chamber we are a beehive of local activity. We are constantly involved in community events, initiatives, grand openings, celebrations (you name it). We get press coverage and other link authority that is like a cupcake on a string for Google.

Being a member and being listed in our directory makes you a solid search candidate for Google.

Our directory is index-able by Google, meaning that each listing can be accessed.

This legitimizes your business and shows that you are in fact a local business residing in Genesee County!  (not a prince from a foreign nation with a large inheritance that is just begging to get laundered.)

It also gives you credit in the specific city or town you are located in, greatly increasing your digital footprint.

Google looks for relevant local links to solidify that a business is credible and makes it appear in searches from local customers.

A Chamber membership dramatically increases your success on Google and improves your Search Engine Optimization.

Being a member not only gives you credibility with local people, but with the all-seeing eye of Google…. Welcome to the 21st Century Genesee County Chamber Members!