By: Steven Falitico

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the county,
All the creatures were stirring, even the townies.

The lights were hung on the buildings with care,
In hopes that local shoppers would soon be there.

The shoppers were bundled, all snug in their jackets,
While gifts were displayed, all nice in their package.

And Tom with his scissors, and me with my phone,
To celebrate a new business, with a place all their own.

When out of the shops there arose such a cheer,
I sprang from my seat to make sure I was near.

Away from the crowd, there was a bright flash,
Click-click went the shutters, as the scissors went slash.

The ribbon laid on the ground, of the new fallen snow,
A smile from the owner, emitted a wonderful glow.

When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a beautiful county, for all to revere!

With a little old charm, so lively and carefree,
I knew in a moment, that it must be Genesee!

We whistled and shouted, and called out their names.
Now Stafford! Now Alexander! Pavilion and Pembroke!
On Le Roy! On Elba! On Byron, and Bergen!
On Oakfield! On Darien! Corfu and Bethany!

But do you recall… the most famous city of all…

Batavia the Red Nosed Reindeer….

Western New York’s First Frontier.

So down to the mainstreets, the people they flew.
With a car full of presents and happy people too.

As wet snow covers the roads, they sang out with glee,
It did not deter them from the community.

Shoplocal was lit, it was the hot thing to do.
Go buy your presents, from people you knew!

The beauty of this county is abundantly clear,
As we jumped to our feet and let out a cheer!

“Happy Holidays to all!

Especially Genesee County!

And a have a Happy New Year too!

Yes, even the townies!”