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Genesee Drone Productions

By: Katy Hobbs 

Meet the man behind Genesee Drone Productions, LLC

Genesee Drone Productions, LLC., a company that specializes in UAV photography and videography. Tim Rigdon, the owner, is originally from Virginia but moved to Genesee County to be closer to his wife’s family. As a Respiratory Therapist, he works in the healthcare field, but he needed an alternative outlet and found that in flying drones. Tim has always been fascinated with flying, but operating a small plane is not currently an option for him. Purchasing a drone has allowed him to fulfill his desire to fly and take photos and videos from a bird’s eye view.

Starting a drone photography and videography business can be challenging, but Tim saw an opportunity in his local area. Upon speaking with family and friends, he realized that there weren’t many UAV photographers/videographers in the area, and this is how Genesee Drone Productions, LLC came to be. Although it has only been operating for less than a year, Tim has already had some memorable experiences. He is grateful to the customers who have given him the chance to work with them and recognizes them as some of his firsts.

For those who are just starting to use a drone, Tim’s advice is to have fun with it and to take classes either in person or online to learn how to properly and safely operate it. Earning your UAV pilot license part 107 is also important. Genesee Drone Productions, LLC offers a variety of services, including commercial real estate photos and videos editing, residential landscape photography and editing, photos for sale, agricultural mapping, and topography mapping.

In conclusion, Genesee Drone Productions, LLC is a company that offers high-quality UAV photography and videography services. Tim’s passion for flying and his desire to capture images from a bird’s eye view have led him to start this business, and he is excited to continue providing his services to clients in the Genesee County area.