Join Online or Take a Tour

Genesee County Chamber membership is available to businesses and organizations operating within Genesee County or doing business in Genesee County. In order for your organization to become a member, a membership application can be submitted online here. The information submitted will be used for our internal records and for our business directories.

If you would like to take a tour and meet with Membership Director, Steven Falitico, he would be glad to schedule a meeting. He could then answer any questions or concerns you may have and introduce you to the other staff of The Chamber. This is the best way to start your membership as an initial relationship can be established. He may also have some water bottles and coffee cups for new members! (Just saying.)

He can be reached at 585-343-7440 ext 1027, or by email at

Membership Dues

Membership dues are paid once per year at The Genesee Chamber in order for an organization to be a member. Membership dues are broken down by the type of business or organization you are, and the number of employees at your location.

All members have the option to upgrade to a Premier Membership for an additional $100 on top of base dues. 

Take a look at the Benefits of Membership to see the a line listing breakdown of Chamber membership (benefits in green are exclusive to Premier Members).

Does your organization want to be part of the upper echelon of membership? Take a peek at all of the amenities of a Chamber Championship. Please contact Steven Falitico directly for a personalized proposal for this level of membership. 

Membership Type Annual Dues
Business 1-10 Employees
Business 11-20 Employees
Business 21-30 Employees
Business 31-50 Employees
Business 51-75 Employees
Business 76-125 Employees
Business 125+ Employees
Non Profit Unpaid Employees
Non Profit 1-5 Employees
Non Profit 5+ Employees