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Are you thinking about starting or expanding an organization in Genesee County? Maybe we can help. The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce has available a micro-enterprise loan program for small businesses located in Genesee County.

The program is designed to augment private funding sources or provide capital when other funding sources are unaffordable or unavailable. While standard commercial lending policies apply, interest rates, collateralization requirements, and repayment terms feature affordability and flexibility generally not offered by banks. The program objectives are to assist in the establishment, expansion, and retention of small businesses in Genesee County; stabilize and strengthen downtown commercial districts; provide essential goods and services to local area residents; create employment opportunities; and preserve and expand the County’s tax base.

Eligible borrowers must be micro-enterprise business owners, defined as a business having five or fewer employees, one or more of whom owns the business. Funds may be used for any legitimate business purpose including, but not limited to, capital equipment, inventory, working capital and expansion/improvement of commercial space.

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is an equal opportunity organization and therefore will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, political affiliation, disability, or any category designated by Federal law.

For applications and/or program details, view the Loan Application Form here or contact the Genesee County Chamber of Commerce at 8276 Park Road, Batavia, 585-343-7440

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce has partnered with National Fuel Resources to provide cost effective natural gas. We realize the importance of manufacturing here in our community and wanted to provide membership with an efficient way to regulate their fuel costs.

NFR has been supplying the manufacturing community with a cost effective source of natural gas since 1991. They have been a long time supplier throughout Western New York and are a current member of The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce.

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Want to know more about Genesee County? This guide is a great place to start! It includes a substantial amount of information about our local communities. Whether you are currently a resident or new to Genesee County- This guide will provide you with valuable insight into the communities, amenities, and inner-workings of Genesee County.

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We urge our members to look into this program offered by National Grid.

“We’re here to help you build a better future for your business. Our energy saving solutions help improve everything from your business’s ambiance to customer reviews all while lowering monthly overhead expenses.”

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As of October 9, 2018, all New York State (NYS) employers are required to provide anti-sexual harassment training on an annual basis. Each employer has one year to comply with this new law. The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce, in service of its members, has partnered with New Haven Consulting Group who has developed an online training that meets the State’s detailed requirements. The Prevention of Sexual Harrassment course, or PSH-NYS, is conducted as traditional classroom or as an online workshop, addresses both the legal and behavioral aspects of sexual harassment to ensure an inclusive, highly productive work environment.

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Local Business Support

The Genesee County Economic Development Center is your one-stop shop for businesses looking to locate or grow in upstate New York. Genesee County has the workforce talent, shovel-ready sites, financial assistance and market access to help your company grow. With 2.3 million population in less than an hour drive we have the workforce you need to succeed. We also have programs, shovel-ready sites, incentives and loans available to assist you in your growth. For your products, you can reach 128 million customers in one day’s drive of Genesee County.

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The BEST Center, located in the Conable Technology Building at Genesee Community College is the recognized regional leader in developing the skilled workforce that powers local area economic growth. The Center provides a wide array of programs and services designed to prepare individual employees as well as businesses and organizations for success in the regional economy.

The BEST Center offers open enrollment seminars and workshops as well as truly customized training designed to assist businesses improve the performance of their people and processes. The Center serves individual employees as well as business both large and small. Federal, State and local grant funding is obtained whenever possible to support the quality workforce that enables companies to thrive and grow.

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The Batavia Development Corporation (BDC) works to improve the quality of life within the City of Batavia through planning, collaboration and programming that will encourage retention and development of small business, promote additional and maximum employment opportunities, retain and enhance the community’s fiscal base and attract new business through research-based marketing and brownfield redevelopment.

The BDC is an independent organization that has assisted small businesses within the City of Batavia since 1994.

Today, the BDC is focused on attracting partners to redevelop underutilized real estate in the City’s central business district while fostering an entrepreneurial business climate. As such, the BDC has the authority to seek loans and grants from governmental agencies, especially where a local or community development corporation is the only acceptable applicant so as to benefit the community citizens and business enterprises at all levels of commerce, industrial, commercial, retail.

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The LBC exists to promote high standards of conduct in the transaction of business; to promote education among its members; to produce information and programs designed to enhance professional development of its membership and generally promote and encourage understanding, cooperation, and good relations among its members and with the public.

Membership in the LeRoy Business Council is open to any individual, business, industry, non-profit, or organization doing business in the LeRoy area. Annual membership dues are fifty dollars.

On December 22, 1997, a local law was passed in accordance with Article 19-A of the New York State General Municipal Law establishing a “Business Improvement District” (B.I.D.) for Downtown Batavia. This permitted a core group of downtown property owners and city officials to organize a formal downtown management association.

In March 1998, the Batavia Business Improvement District Management Association Incorporated was established as a 501(C)(6) not-for-profit corporation (municipal/business organization). Its mission is to finance improvements and services beyond those provided by the City, and fund an operational budget for the purpose of revitalizing and promoting business activity. In October 2013, the association changed its tax status to a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. This was to enable the BID to apply for more grants.

The Batavia Business Improvement District is comprised of property owners and tenants. It has a fourteen-member Board of Directors. There are twelve elected representatives from the district, and three city-appointed public representatives. The Board includes merchants, professionals, a municipal official and citizens that develop policy and provide leadership for the association.

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The BBCA is comprised of community-minded citizens and business persons. The members are dedicated to the betterment of the Bergen community.

Mancuso Business Development Group creates and operates unique entrepreneurial communities across Upstate New York in adaptively reused buildings. These are places where people can start, grow, and prosper with businesses of all sorts and sizes.

The Harvester Center in Batavia is a mixed-use industrial building located at 56 Harvester Avenue in Batavia, NY. Site of the world’s first business incubator, this facility features resources and connections to help you and your enterprise learn and grow. From the flexibility to create unique space and services to the use of shared services, equipment, and facilities this commercial building will evolve with your changing business needs. The Harvester Center is the perfect location for small, emerging, and established businesses.

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Employment Resources

The Job Development Bureau’s purpose is to provide programs and services which will result in our customers becoming self sufficient, achieving their career goals, and becoming part of the skilled workforce of Genesee County and the surrounding labor market area. Our customers are sponsored only for careers where there is sufficient employer demand. Our services result in an improved economic as well as social environment for all Genesee County residents and businesses.

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The Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, Wyoming Workforce Development Board (GLOW WDB) is a 40 Member Board that addresses workforce issues in the GLOW region. It operates under the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, which mandated the creation of local boards to oversee and coordinate workforce investment activities.

The Board is comprised of 21 members from Private Sector Businesses and 19 Public Sector Members from Economic Development and Training, Organized Labor, Older Worker, Education, Rural Opportunities, Department of Social Services, and Vocational Education.

Six subcommittees support the Board activities including Marketing, Finance, Structure, Program Evaluation and Oversight, Economic Development, and a Youth Council.

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A variety of employment resources have been put together by Genesee County representatives. These are for citizens looking for work inside of Genesee County.

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