What is The Chamber?

The Genesee County Chamber of Commerce is a private, not-for-profit, membership-driven organization, that brings together representatives from throughout the county to promote a vibrant local economy. Our membership consists of businesses and organizations from all facets of our local community. With over 450 members, The Chamber leads in the pursuit of creating an environment for business success in Genesee County.

  • We host professional seminars and business workshops.
  • We offer business consultation and business support.
  • We offer exclusive Chamber discounts and deals.
  • We coordinate networking events that foster business-to-business relationships.
  • We keep our members informed of local events and initiatives.
  • We promote Genesee County and its business environment.
  • We have an award-winning Tourism Department. 
  • We operate the Genesee County Visitor’s Center.

Why Join The Chamber?




Membership offers the most affordable and efficient way to stand out and get noticed in local communities. It improves visibility and generates references from local consumers.



The history and reputation of the Chamber circulates through our membership. A Chamber membership is a great way to improve your brand and show community support.

Networking Opportunities


It’s not just who you know, it’s who others know as well. Networking is powerful and is a time-tested benefit of Chamber membership.

Training & Growth


We offer exclusive training opportunities and business support. Our workshops and seminars are great sources of information and cover relevant subjects.

Advocacy & Engagement

Membership offers a more powerful voice locally. Being connected allows our members to become more engaged as a local business or organization.

Exclusive Discounts

Gain access to exclusive deals offered only to Chamber members. Our Member-2-Member discount program is a great way to save yourself a little cash. They can also be extended out to employees as a benefit.

The Value of Being a Chamber Member

We know what you’re saying…

“Well that’s great, but what exactly do I get?”

We have created a line listing of every benefit a Chamber member receives. This list is constantly evolving and changing as we evolve and change in support of our members. The benefits listed in green are exclusive to Premier Members. (click to find out more)

"Relationships established within this county and throughout the region are the key to our business success. The Chamber helps us connect and establish those meaningful relationships."

Chris Thorpe

Darien Lake Theme Park

"The Chamber helps us with advertising and promoting our business. Their social media, directories, events and referrals provide us with a lot of exposure. The benefits of being a member have definitely increased our business" 

Danielle Rotondo

Terry Hills

"Chamber membership is a way for us as a local business to increase our visibility within the local community. This helps us with growing business, gaining new customers and attracting talent."

Janice Jones

Bonduelle USA

"Our membership allows us to be part of a larger network of organizations in our county. The workshops provided through membership have been instrumental to our business and operations."

Beth Kemp

T-Shirts Etc

"The staff at the Genesee County Chamber are wonderful! They care about the success of local business and want to see our county prosper."

Jennifer Zambito

The Daily News

"To me, The Chamber brings incredible value in establishing a close business relationship network. No matter what the size of your business, The Chamber will support them all!"

Chriz Suozzi


Take a look at this fantastic video created by Chamber member, Cosmic Video!